Ecopolymer Trading and Manufacturing Enterprise started its activity more than 30 years ago with the production of polymer products. Originally they were diffusers, then drains. Over time, the range of products from polymers has significantly expanded. The enterprise began to produce equipment for the modernization of sedimentation tanks, loading for attached microflora, polyethylene pipes for water supply and sewage pipelines, airlifts, pneumatic agitators, lamella modules

However, the experience of the company showed that raising the technical level of natural and waste water treatment plants is impossible without equipment made of steel. In this regard, the company decided to master the production of equipment made of stainless materials. For this purpose, a new production building of the enterprise was built and put into operation in the village of Polotnyany Zavod, Kaluga region, new technological equipment was installed. The company was attended by specialists, technologists and designers for metalworking. In the shortest time, the production of sluice gates made of stainless materials with a wide range of sizes, as well as mechanical fine screens, was mastered. Subsequently, the company mastered a technologically complex production of belt filter presses for sludge dewatering. This equipment strengthened the position of Ecopolymer in the water supply and wastewater market, and allowed to move from one-off implementations to large-scale re-engineering of water treatment systems.

At the moment, “Ecopolymer” Trading and Manufacturing Enterprise produces a wide range of products from stainless steels to solve various technological problems and continues to develop the production of polymer products.

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