Hoisting devices

Hoists and guides are designed for mounting, dismantling and maintenance of submersible mixers and pumps, as well as for their positioning in the tanks of treatment facilities.

The hoist and the guide constitute an assembly system, the composition and design of which depends on the type, location, attachment and destination of submersible mixers and pumps, and also their manufacturer. The combination of the hoist and the guide is available in two configurations:

  • a single unit installed in the tank and consisting of a hoist mounted on a cylindrical support of the guide;
  • separately installed units (a hoist mounted on a cylindrical support fixed to the walls of the tank or a maintenance site and a guide installed in the tank).

Конфигурации подъемника и направляющей к погружным мешалкам и насосам

Fig. 1. Configurations of the hoist and the guide to the submersible mixers and pumps

a) as a single unit; b) as separately installed units.

1 - hoist; 2 - guide; 3 - cylindrical hoist support

Three models of hoists are available: UP01, UP02 and UP03, differing from each other by their design and carrying capacity. The UP01 hoist is installed on the counter part of the guide, and the UP02 and UP03 hoists - on the cylindrical support.

Модели подъёмников

Fig. 2 Hoist models

a) UP01 hoist, b) UP02 hoist, c) UP03 hoist

The main parts of the hoist are: tower, boom, winch, rollers, haulage chain (for UP01), upper tower bracket (for UP02), apertured haulage (for UP03) and rotary lever (for UP02 and UP03). Fastening of the cable to the winch drum is carried out according to the winch manufacturer instructions.

The angle of inclination and reach of the boom is changed as follows:

for UP01 (Fig.2a) – rearranging the links of the haulage chain on the rigging shackle;

for UP02 (Fig.2b) – rearranging the axis in the desired hole of the upper tower bracket;

for UP03 (Fig.2c) – rearranging the axis in the desired hole of the haulage;

The hoist tower is mounted on the cylindrical support of the guide (Fig.1a) or on the support installed on the walls of the tank or the service area (Fig.1b). With the help of the lever, the hoist can rotate on the support by 360°.

A single hoist can be used with several similar guides. Before moving the hoist from one guide to another, it is necessary to disconnect the cable from the winch drum and remove the hoist from the support.

To fix the submersible equipment during operation or when lifting it for maintenance, the guides of three models are available: N01, N02 and N03.

Устройство направляющих

Fig. 3 Guide design

а) guide N01; b) guide N02; c) guide N03.

1 – rod; 2 – lower support; 3 – upper support; 4 – stop; 5 – combination hoist support; 6 – stand-alone hoist support

The guides N01 (Figure 3a) and N02 (Figure 3b) consist of the following main parts: a rod, gimballed on the lower support and the upper support. The upper support is equipped with a fixing element, which is designed to position the rod with a mixer at a certain angle in the horizontal plane in relation to the walls of the tank. The rod can be equipped with a stop, limiting the lowering of the mixer on the rod to the minimum allowable depth.

The guide N03 (Figure 3c) consists of a rod fixed to the upper support and the permanently fixed structural elements of the serviced equipment.

The guide N01 includes a combination support of the hoist in its structure; the guides N02 and N03 are equipped with a stand-alone support of the hoist.

Each guide is completed with a cable, which allows, as mentioned above, using one hoist for several guides. One end of the cable is fixed with a rigging shackle for fastening to the serviced equipment, the second end of the cable is fixed to the drum of the hoist winch that is part of the hoisting system. The length of the cable supplied as a part of the guide kit depends on the length of the guide rod and the type of lift used in the hoisting system and is determined individually for each separate order.

The hoists are delivered assembled. Before installation, the structure may require its preparation for operation in accordance with the installation instructions.

The guides are delivered disassembled, and the delivery package depends on the type, purpose and composition of the guide design.

Hoists and guides are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 321 (optionally AISI 316) and are completed with a stainless steel cable. Manufacture of hoists and guides from galvanized carbon steel (hot galvanizing) is also possible.

Specification name

Unit of measurement

Hoist model




Maximum carrying capacity





Total operating weight, not more than





Minimum boom reach





Maximum boom reach





The dimensions of the guides depend on the size and characteristics of the serviced equipment, as well as its installation location.

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