AQUA-PLAST aeration system

AQUA-PLAST aerators with an elastic perforated membrane are used in multi-purpose aeration systems. The original design of the rubber membrane ensures efficient operation of aerators for 10 years. The design of the system provides the possibility of extending their service life for more than 20 years with minimal cost – by simply replacing the membrane.

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The patented design of the AQUA-PLAST aerators differs from other aerator designs with a perforated elastic membrane by the number and arrangement of the holes, as well as the way the membrane is attached to the housing and housing to the air distribution pipe.


AQUA-PLAST aerator design

1 – membrane; 2 – housing; 3 – tapered branch pipe; 4 – air distribution pipe; 5 – nipple; 6 – polyethylene clamp; 7 – clamp lock; 8 – lock fixing cylinder.

The aerator consists of the following parts:

  • An elastic perforated membrane (1), which has through holes located along the coaxial circles from the center to the periphery. The edges of the membrane have a compound profile for fastening. The center of the membrane has a thickening in the form of a truncated cone, which ensures the mechanical properties of the membrane;
  • The aerator housing (2) made of polypropylene and having a finned bottom surface and a smooth upper surface with the membrane fixed thereon. The lower part of the housing has a branch pipe with conical thread (3) for fixing to the air distribution pipe (4). The nipple (5) is fixed inside the branch pipe, which opening allows changing the resistance of the aerator.
  • The polyethylene clamp (6) with a compound profile for fastening the elastic membrane onto the body. Polyethylene clamp has a special lock (7), closed with a polyethylene cylinder (8).

AQUA-PLAST has the following operating principle: air from the air distribution pipe (4) enters the space under the elastic membrane (1) through the hole in the nipple (5) through the branch pipe (3). Under the influence of pressure, the membrane stretches. This opens the holes through which the air in the form of small bubbles enters the liquid. When the air supply stops, the membrane returns to its original state, the holes are closed, which prevents water from entering the aerator.

In addition to aerators, the AQUA-PLAST aeration system includes fastening systems, manifolds and downcomers. Special supports are used for attaching modules and manifolds to the bottom of the aeration tank.

Аэратор АКВА-ПЛАСТ конфигурация

AQUA-PLAST aeration system configurations

Parameter nameUnit of measurementValue
Outer diametermm290
Aerated surface aream20,06
Oxygen transfer efficiency%/m3,8÷5,0
Hydraulic resistancem H2O0,15÷0,4
Aerator capacity:

-  Minimum

-  Optimum

-  Maximum





Air bubble sizemm1÷3
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