AQUA PRO-M aeration system

The AQUA PRO-M aeration systems based on the AFT APM-AF-128T tubular aerators are designed for aeration of the sludge mixture (wastewater with active sludge) in biological wastewater treatment systems.

The AQUA PRO-M aeration systems can be also used to saturate natural waters with oxygen in fish ponds and other water bodies, including natural reservoirs.

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Intended use and scope of application of AQUA PRO-M tubular aerators.

The main elements of the AQUA PRO-M aeration system are the AFT АPМ-АF-128Т aerators manufactured on the basis of a profiled frame tube – universal small-bubble aerators with increased strength, durability and reliability.

The design of AFT APM-AF-128T aerators allows reducing the requirements to the quality of air cleaning from dust. The actual service life is 10-12 years. The design of the aerators and their elements, in particular the frame tube, is protected by appropriate patents.

The basic design of AFT APM-AF-128T aerators is shown in Fig. 1.

Аэратор АКВА-ПРО-М схема

Figure 1. Basic design of AFT APM-AF-128T-L* aerator

1 – perforated frame from profiled PE pipe; 2 – rubber O-rings; 3 – inner layer of dispersant in the form of a polymer braid; 4 – outer layer of the dispersant from the sprayed PE; 5 – holes; 6 – longitudinal air cavities. Note. *L: Length of the aerator.

The frame (1) of the aerator is a profiled thick-walled tube made of polyethylene with longitudinal stiffeners, which is manufactured according to an unparalleled technology developed by the specialists of ECOPOLYMER. This technology guarantees the size and shape of the frame profile along its entire length.

To connect AFM APM-AF-128T aerators in the branches, a special conical male thread is made on the one side of the frame, and on the other – the corresponding female one. Thus, one aerator is screwed into the other without a coupling. A plug is screwed onto the end aerator.

Components of the AQUA PRO-M aeration system

In addition to the aerators, the AQUA PRO-M aeration system based on the AFT APM-AF-128Т tubular aerators includes the following main components (Fig. 2):

  • downcomers;
  • air distribution manifolds;
  • metal reducers for connecting aeration branches to the manifold (downcomer);
  • plugs;
  • sliding supports for fixing aerators and air distribution manifolds to the bottom of the tank.

Конфигурация системы аэрации АКВА-ПРО-М

Figure 2. The most common version of the AQUA PRO-M aeration system configuration

1 - main air duct; 2 - damper; 3 - downcomer 4 - air distribution manifold; 5 - air distribution manifold fitting system; 6 - reducer; 7 - AFT APM-AF-128T-L-BH tubular aerator; 8 - mobile aerator support; 9 - plug. Note. Items 1 and 2 are not included in the AQUA PRO-M aeration system.

Downcomers and air distribution manifolds are thick-walled polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 160 or 225 mm (the diameter is determined depending on the configuration and volume of the aeration system). The polyethylene pipes with male thread are welded to the manifolds for connecting the aerator branches.

If all technical conditions are met for AQUA PRO-M aeration systems, the following is provided:

  • a 5-year guarantee for the aeration system
  • a 10-year guarantee for the air distribution system (downcomers, manifolds)
  • service life of aerators – 10-12 years based on operating conditions

service life of the air distribution system (downcomers, manifold) – 30 years.

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