Screw conveyor EVK

Screw conveyor EVK is designed for transportation of waste, dewatered sludge with humidity of 30...80%, as well as other bulk or granular (0,5-6 mm) and small-piece (6-80 mm) materials. Transportation of waste or other materials along the conveyor axis is ensured by an shaft-less screw with an outer diameter.

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The conveyor can be horizontal or 35° inclined to the horizon. According to the arrangement of the drive, the conveyors can be of two layout schemes: pushing - with the direction of transportation from the drive, and pulling - with the direction of transportation toward the drive.

The housing of the conveyor is made of separate sections in the form of a semicircular chute, which are connected with each other by flanges, and has a lining of exchangeable liners. Inside the body there is a shaft-less screw driven into rotation by an electric drive, which is fixed through a flange to one of the end faces of the EVK housing.

Depending on the requirements and application conditions (transport length, type, size and location of the mating equipment), the conveyor can have a different number and design of the housing sections, as well as one or more feed hoppers and discharge openings.

The top of the conveyor is covered either with blind lids or lids with hoppers fastened to the housing with quick-release clamps. Feed hoppers have a protective fence. Unloading of the conveyor is carried out through the discharge opening (branch pipe) either downwards or in the axial direction of the conveyor.

Внешний вид и основные элементы конвейера ЭВК

Figure 1. Appearance and main elements of the EVK conveyor

1 – feed hopper; 2 – protective fence;  3 – lid; 4 – joint flange; 5 – clamps; 6 – drive; 7 – axle-less screw; 8 – lining; 9 – conveyor supports.

The conveyor is installed on supports, which design provides the possibility of adjusting the vertical position of the conveyor. The base support is attached to the flange of the drive section of the housing on the drive side – it cannot be moved to another location, but has the ability to adjust the angle of the conveyor. The remaining intermediate supports of the conveyor can be rearranged along the length of the conveyor with a 125 mm pitch to the location required by the installation conditions.

The shaft-less screw of the conveyor is made of high-quality wear-resistant sheet steel S355JR (EN10027-1), of 12 to 30 mm thick. Lining of the conveyor is made of high-molecular sheet polyethylene PE-1000 of 10 to 20 mm thick. The remaining parts of the conveyor are made of stainless steels (AISI 304, AISI 321).

The delivery package includes a control cabinet and remote control panel, which ensure its operation in manual and automatic modes, as well as protection from abnormal operation modes. The conveyor is also equipped with an emergency pull rope switch.

Опоры конвейера ЭВК

Figure 2. EVK conveyor supports: a - base; b - intermediate

1 – cradle; 2 – leg;  3 – adjusting bolting

EVK conveyors are available in two standard designs – EVK 200 and EVK 300 with shaft-less screw outer diameter of 200 mm and 300 mm, respectively. EVK 200, as a rule, is used for transportation of wastes trapped in mechanical pretreatment screens. EVK 300 is mainly used for transportation of dehydrated sludge. The required capacity of the conveyors is ensured by the selection of drives with different rotational speeds of the output shaft.

For special operating conditions, conveyor with an shaft-less screw outer diameter of up to 800 mm can be manufactured.

Specification name

Unit of measurement


EVK 200

EVK 300



2 … 4


Shaft-less screw outer diameter




Horizontal transport length




35° transport length




Power supply


380 / 50

Drive rated power




Drive and electric components IP


IP 55 (possible IP66)

Climatic category according to GOST 15150


UKhL4 (boreal climate 4)

Minimum feed height above the ground





  1. Height-adjustable supports that facilitate installation and conceal flaws in the surface.
  2. The supports can be rearranged with 150 mm pitch if necessary.
  3. Possible elevation angle up to 35°.
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