Rake bar screen RGO and RTO

RGO and RTO universal rake screen (hereinafter - screen) is designed for preliminary treatment of wastewater at sewage pump stations and water treatment facilities of municipal and industrial enterprises from mechanical impurities larger than the bar spacing (the distance between the bars) of the filter screen. This type of screen is used as part of a mechanical sewage treatment plant and is designed to be installed in a channel.

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1 – frame; 2 – gear motor; 3 – chain; 4 – chain guide block; 5 – rakes; 6 – filter screen;7 – cleaner; 8 – front protective enclosures; 9 – rotary support; 10 – sealing apron; 11 – protective slide enclosure; 12 – cross-beam; 13 – sprocket; 14 – drive shaft; 15 - bridge

Figure 1 – Screen design

The main body element of the screen is a frame with a filter screen mounted on, which consists of flat parallel slat rods. The rakes are fixed on two roller chains and enter the screen spacings.

The main distinguishing feature of RTO and RGO screens is that their filter screen and rakes are dismountable, with the possibility of replacing individual component parts of these assemblies without dismantling the screen or the units in operating conditions.

Chains are driven by a gear motor through the drive shaft and sprockets. The drive is equipped with a safety friction torque clutch. The clutch is integrated into the gear motor housing.

In the lower part of the screen, the chains run around fixed lower guide blocks of chains made of wear-resistant plastic. Moving on the chains from bottom to up, the rakes remove the waste from the filter screen and lift it. In the upper part of the screen, the cleaner removes waste from the rakes. Further, the waste directed by the protective slide casing is fed to the conveyor or to the refuse receptacle.

The screen is equipped with a control system (a control cabinet, remote control, ultrasonic level sensor, and a drive stopping proximity sensor). The control system ensures both manual and automatic operation of the screen, as well as protection against abnormal operating modes (electronic motor overcurrent protection) by disconnecting the drive power and giving an emergency light signal. In order to reduce the wear and tear of the drive mechanisms in the control system, a smooth start-up is provided by the frequency converter.

Screen material – stainless steel (standard version of AISI 304).

Parameter nameUnit of measurementValue
Bar spacing (for RTO)мм.6 / 8 / 10 / 12
Bar spacing (for RGO)mm12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20
Channel installation widthmm400….2400
Channel installation depthmm400…. 2600
Dump heightmm850 / 1200 / 1500
Screen installation anglegrad.75±5
Drive IP-55, 66, 67, 68

* Customization of RVGO screens with non-standard dimensions and technical specifications is possible according to the Customer requirements after preliminary study of the design and coordination of methods of transportation, installation and other technical conditions.

The screen is installed through the pivot supports on the ribs of the channel, so that it can be mounted without emptying the channel. The rotary supports also allow setting the screen in a horizontal position above the channel for maintenance purposes.

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