Screw fine screen

The screw screen is designed for fine mechanical wastewater treatment from mechanical impurities larger than the perforation spacing of the filter screen and is used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

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Based on the modification, the screen is installed gapless directly to the bottom of the channel, or into a metal container.

Impurities in sewage water are retained on the surface of the filter screen, which is cleaned with polymer brushes attached to the screw. In this case, the screw is driven into a rotary motion, and the brushes remove debris from the screen and move it first to the transportation zone, and then to the compaction zone, after which the waste is unloaded into the container.

screw fine screen

1 – gear motor; 2 – washing an compression zone; 3 – screen housing; 4 – screw brush; 5 – screw;  6 – water supply hose; 7 – rubber sealing apron; 8 – waste unloading hose; 9 – support; 10 – filtrate drainage from the compaction zone; 11 – filter screen; 12 – level sensor; 13 – level sensor bracket; 14 – solenoid valves of the flushing system.

Inside the screen housing (3) there is an axle-less screw (5) with brushes (4) attached thereto. The filter screen (11) is made of a semicircular perforated sheet. The screw is driven by a gear motor (1). The screen has a washing and compaction zone (2). The washing system (14) is designed for washing out waste and cleaning the brushes.

All components of the screen are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and the screw is made of wear-resistant steel.

The screen can operate in automatic and manual modes, which are provided by a control system consisting of a control cabinet of the control unit, a VPU remote control panel and a level sensor. The control system also provides a smooth start-up of the screen drive, electronic protection of the motor against overcurrent and an emergency light signaling.

Parameter nameUnit of measurementValue
Bar spacingmm6
Channel installation widthmm300….800
Channel installation depthmmup to 1200
Maximum capacitym3/h200
Drive IP-55
  1. Ideal for wastewater with a high content of fibrous inclusions due to a perforated screen.
  2. The filter screen is formed by the stepped perforated panels, which allows increasing productivity, reducing the hydraulic resistance of the screen and simultaneously removing relatively large objects from the water.
  3. Step panels on the back side of the filter screen can be positioned parallel to the flow to reduce the hydraulic resistance and avoid the accumulation of small debris in the screen housing.

Specialists of the manufacturer can conduct supervising installation and commissioning.


  • An inexpensive and profitable solution for small wastewater flow rates.
  • Lifting the caught impurities to a height of 5 m.
  • Supplied both assembled for installation in a channel and packed in a container.
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