Grit treatment equipment

After the wastewater is completely treated of mechanical debris after the screens, it still has a lot of mineral inclusions (grit, clay, earth, small stones, etc.). To remove mineral inclusions, grit removals are usually used in sewage treatment facilities, which create special flow rate conditions when mineral inclusions fall to the bottom and treated water is supplied to undergo further purification stages.

The bottom of the grit removal mainly collects grit, which is then pumped out by a grit pump or hydroelevator. A heavily watered grit is called a grit pulp. Grit pulp is usually pumped out to grit sites, where heavily watered and dirty grit dries to a state when it can be taken out (to a solid waste landfill) or used (backfill, reclamation).

A more modern method of grit drying is grit treatment in separators. The grit separators, in addition to drying, wash the grit so that it has no smell of organic waste during its further storage.

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