Surface sluice gates

Sluice gates (ZShCh) are designed to block or regulate the flow of wastewater and other liquids. Gates are installed in open and closed gravity troughs, channels and distribution chambers, on the walls of tanks.

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Затвор щитовой поверхностный

The main parts of the gates are: frame, sluice and drive part. The design of the frame and sluice is determined by the functions of the gate and its placement conditions.

The surface sluice gate is installed so that the upper edge of the gate sluice is above the liquid level in the channel.

Surface gate installation methods:

  • trench casing (trough gates, ZShchL type);
  • anchoring to the walls and the bottom of the channel (trough gates, ZShchLl type);
  • overlapping to the end faces of the channel or the walls of the tank (lay-on gates, ZShchN type).

The sluice of surface gates is sealed on three sides - along the bottom and side walls of the channel.

Tightness is ensured by tightening the sluice seals with sliding locking wedges (wedge gate) or without them (sliding gate). The shutoff class of sluice gates according to GOST R 54808: A – for wedge gates, and F – for sliding gates.

Moving the sluice gate is carried out either manually (by handwheel or manual gearbox) or by means of an electric drive. At the same time, the electric drive allows for remote control of the gate, increases the opening and closing efficiency of the gate and releases physical strain from the operator. All electric drives are equipped with a handwheel for manual control in the event of an emergency (for example, lack of electricity). Manual control is unpretentious to external operating conditions and reduces the cost of the gate.

For the gates with a sluice width of more than 2 m, or with a width-to-height ratio equal to 1.6 or more, a two-screw drive scheme is used (the sluice is moved by two rods). The torque from the drive is transmitted to the rods through a common shaft and two angular gears.

The gates are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the "screw-nut" transmission slider – of special bronze. Seals for gates are made of high-quality rubber using TMKShch technology with special additives that improve durability and resistance in aggressive environments.

Parameter name

Unit of




Channel width


300 - 2200

Sluice height


300 - 3000

Type of drive

Manual, manual gear, electric drive.

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