AQUA-TOR 500 diffuser systems

AQUA-TOR 500 diffuser systems combine engineering excellence, superior component quality, and a technically advanced product concept. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations worldwide, this advanced system has reliability built in to every stage of performance.

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1 – membrane; 2 – base; 3 – sleeve; 4 – grommet; 5 – air pipe; 6 – pipe support.

Outside diameter, mm490
Inside diameter, mm150
Active surfase area, m20,17
SOTE (standart oxygen transfer efficiency), %/m6,0-7,5
Capacity per unit, kgO2/hr*m0,49
  • high SOTE rates at low headlosses;
  • intensive mixing of activated sludge ensured due to airlift effect;
  • high economic efficiency of aeration at considerable air-flow rates per diffuser - capacity of one AQUA-TOR 500 diffuser is equal to capacity of 3 conventional 12'' disc diffusers; simple to install on site, compact to ship and move;
  • less money on capex (less pire, supports and labor to install).
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